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Hario V60 | Ceramic


The original Japanese coffee maker, model 02: perfect for 2 cups of coffee.

How do we use it?

Coffee: 30-32g (medium grind)

Water: 500g - 92 - 96ºC

Container for collecting coffee and serving it

Accurate scale


Note: It is recommended to pour the water in concentric circles towards the walls towards the center of the filter.

1) Thoroughly rinse the filter and empty the container of any water that may have accumulated.

2) Weigh the coffee on the scale.

3) Start the timer and slowly pour 100 to 150g of water over a period of 45 seconds.

4) Once the coffee is half drained, pour slowly until the water level reaches near the edge of the filter.

5) Repeat step #4 until 500g of poured water.

6) Coffee drainage should complete within 2:30 to 3 minutes. Remove the filter and serve.