Ratio: 13.63:1
Grind Size: Medium Coarse
Water temperature: 96°C
Brewing time: 4:30 +/- 0:30

This method is inspired by the technique of George Howell.

Open the folded chemex strainer and place the lined side over the spout.
Wet the filter with boiling water to eliminate the taste of the paper and heat the container.
Discard the water.
Place 55g of ground coffee in the chemex filter and shake it to distribute it evenly.
Start the timer and pour 250g of water in concentric circles for 30 seconds.
Wait 1:00 then pour another 250g of water for 30 seconds.
At 2:30, finish the infusion by pouring the remaining 250g over 30 seconds.
The infusion should flow between 4:00 and 5:00. If it's too fast or too long, adjust the grind size accordingly.
Stir, drink and enjoy.