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The AeroPress is a unique brewing method that allows you to brew your coffee under ideal conditions; with appropriate temperature, total immersion and rapid filtration. The result will be delicious coffee that fully brings out the characteristics of your beans. Since its inception, the AeroPress has become one of the favorite brewing methods for coffee lovers around the world.

Because of its durability, lightness and portability, AeroPress can be found everywhere, whether in kitchens, around a campfire, on a boat or anywhere while traveling.

How do we use it?

We recommend following the instructions in this video , with the following adjustments:

Coffee: 16g (medium grind)

Water: 240g - 85ºC

Prep time: 2:15 brew + 30 seconds to lower handle

Note: We have found that coffee brewed with 85ºC water will give you a sweet, fruity and balanced taste. For those of you who prefer slightly sweeter and sour notes, we recommend a preparation using a water temperature between 92ºC and 96ºC.

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