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Éthiopie - Shantawene

Éthiopie - Shantawene

  • Shantawene, Sidamo
  • Natural
  • Blueberry, maple syrup, black tea
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About this coffee

Meselech Tube, the producer of this coffee, has been farming in the Sidamo region since the 1990s. She inherited a coffee farm from her family and today supports 6 children with the profits from her coffee business.

Meselech's goal is for her coffee to become renowned worldwide, so she invests in specialty-quality coffee cultivation and processing. She employs biodynamic farming practices, such as intercropping with fruit and timber trees and using organic materials to fertilize her coffee trees.

The lot we purchased is a Grade 1 natural process with a beautiful sweetness reminiscent of maple syrup and a deep berry-like complexity with notes of black tea.

What are JARC Varieties?

Ethiopian coffee varieties are categorized into two main groups: JARC or regional varieties, and local indigenous varieties. These ancestral varieties grow in very localized areas and are often referred to with the English word “heirloom.”

Indigenous varieties have evolved over time. Through generations, these plants have evolved and adapted to their environment. There are at least 130 indigenous and ancestral varieties grown in Ethiopia. This vast genetic pool results in a wide diversity of flavors among farms, and even within lots from the same farm.

In contrast, JARC varieties have been developed by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center. Designed to resist drought and disease and to be well-suited to the Ethiopian climate and soil, these varieties were created to support local agriculture robustly. Established in 1967, JARC has developed many varieties that thrive across Ethiopia today. It also provides agricultural training to help farmers learn the best cultivation methods for these new varieties.


Lot Information

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Shantawene, Sidamo

Producer: Meselech Tube

Varieties: JARC 74110, JARC 74112, JARC 74158


Partners: Sucafina Specialty Coffee

Volume purchased: 600kg

FOB: 4.60 $ US/LB

Relationship: 1 an

Brewing Information

Our preferred brew method: Filter

Recommended espresso ratio: 2:1

Customer Reviews

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Je recommande

Délicieux en latté, on goûte vraiment les bleuets, miam

Kevin Floether

C'est délicieux !


Délicieux! Bleuets!!!

Christine Noel
Vraiment délicieux!

J'ai trouver délicieux le café! J'apprécie le service de livraison aussi,rapide.Très bon service-Merci! C'est seulement chez Kittel que je m'approvisionne en café

Andrée Desautels