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Colombia - El Origen - Honey

Colombia - El Origen - Honey

  • Colombia
  • Honey
  • Chocolate cake, marzipan, black cherry
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About this coffee

After traveling through Central and South America, Helmut Ullrich left his country, Austria, to pursue his dream of living sustainably in nature. He bought land in Colombia where he discovered abandoned coffee plants on the property. With the help of Pedro, whose family had been living on the land for years, Helmut began to cultivate coffee. Six years later, Pedro is the farm's manager, and Helmut employs three other main workers (Mono, Vincente, and Julio), as well as seasonal workers from the region and neighboring Venezuela. Helmut proudly declares that he pays all his workers three times the national average salary.

Thanks to the profits from his partnership with Kittel and a few European roasters, as well as from his coffee in Santa Marta, Helmut is realizing another part of his dream by replanting native trees to combat climate change.

After tasting the high-quality coffee produced by Helmut's farm and hearing his story, we knew we wanted to work together. This marks our fourth year of direct trade partnership.


Lot Information

Country: Colombia

Region: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Producer: Helmut Ullrich

Variety: Caturra

Process: Honey


Partners: Soul Seed (Direct Trade)

Volume purchased: 700kg

FOB: $4.99 USD/LB

Relationship: 4 years

Brewing Information

Our preferred brew method: Espresso

Recommended espresso ratio: 2:1

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